CCI is an opportunity to learn the art and the craft of effective communication. It presently consists of three levels for learning:

Basic Skills for Conscious Communication,  presented in a 4-CD series, teaches participants how to stand their ground when trouble arises, with skills for

  • Active Listening
  • Identifying needs and feelings
  • Stating positions of each person clearly
  • Negotiating an outcome that is satisfactory to all parties.
  • Transforming attacks into an exploration of differences
  • Exploring a conflict long enough to create a positive outcome for both parties
  • Managing of Self  in order to tolerate the internal heat generated by differences, judgment, shame and disregard
  • Taking  a non-negotiable stand skillfully, with awareness, when you are not able/willing to negotiate an outcome
  • Mediating conflicts between others

Sandra Boston led trainings in these skills for over 30 years, including a teacher training program from 200-2005. She is now retired, and she offers training to organizations, staff retreats, and conflict resolution/mediation when requested. She has a 4-CD Series which is the actual teaching of her eight week, 24 hr basic training. This Series is the basis of the Distance Learner program, which includes the text, Aiming Your Mind, a workbook that accompanies each CD, and two DVDs of Sandra teaching (Introduction to Conscious Communication, and What Do You Say When You Don’t Agree?)  All of these resources are available in the Store on this website.

In addition, Sandra has authored a 200 page Teachers Manual, laid out to present each of the eight week 3 hr. classes. The Table of Contents is presented on this website to show the scope of the training. This material is availabe for purchase in consultation with Sandra.