“When I realized conflict was not about my self-worth, I could be in
any conflict without being afraid.””I realized I matter, even if I have done something wrong.”

“Just because someone is mad at me doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong.”

“I guess I have to decide whether I want obedient children or responsible

“I have learned to be true to myself in conflict, to make boundaries
with things I can’t control, and to tolerate the differences with love
instead of anger and judgment.”

“Previously, I was frozen in conflict, coping with anxieties but not
addressing the source. I now can evaluate a problem and have a strategy
to confront it rather than live with it.”

“This course has changed everything about how I communicate with others.
The tools are excellent for building boundaries, as well as tearing down

“This course is interactive, experiential and practical – it works.
The instructor is very skilled and can not only give principles and tools,
but can apply them in the situations people bring to class, which is very
effective in helping us to apply them as well.””I feel more grounded and in touch with my own needs and feelings, and
value these as much as those of others – I matter!”

“I have more clarity, skill and confidence, a framework to work with
my gut feelings more smoothly with less anger. I’m not taking things so

“It is exciting to feel comfortable, eager to engage, and open to create
possibilities when conflict arises.”

“This was the most affirming and life-altering workshop I’ve ever attended,
and I’ve been to a lot!”