Communication is the life blood of a relationship, bringing nutrients to every cell of a living organism.
We want to bring the best possible nutrients to the life flow of relationship
The health of our relationships is created by the health of our principles, intention, and focus.
Our commitment is to be conscious about how we communicate.  We will:
· Hold each person’s best interest at heart
· Be curious when differences arise
· See trouble as normal, as an assignment to apply our own highest intention to nurture our self and the other
· See conflict as an invitation to bring compassion, patience, awareness and creativity to the situation
· Come to the edge of difference with an intent to learn, not protect; to respond, not react
· Honor, explore and learn from our differences, not disappear them
· Stand our ground, without taking ground from the other
· Learn more about our own truth as we contrast ours with another’s;
to feel what we feel, know what we know, want what we want,
and let that be known without fear of the other’s disapproval
· Bring flexibility, positive regard, trust and resilience to our relationships.