• Line up the cooperation of a buddy who is willing to practice the assignments with you, and make audio tapes to submit as part of the requirement for completing this training. They may also be enrolled in the training, or just assist you in the practice without having the skills themselves.
  • Aiming Your Mind: Strategies and Skills for Conscious Communication by Sandra Boston. Read each chapter in coordination with CDs, workbook and video.
  • Four CDs that encompass all the skills of the basic training:
    1. First CD: Introduction to Conscious Communication
      1. Common patterns of communication in the Culture of Control
      2. Habits of conflict: Shame attacks, internalizers and externalizers
      3. Internal communication: positive self-talk, shift to neutral
      4. A model for Conscious Communication
    2. Second CD: Skills for responding to (Active Listening) and initiating conflict (I-Message).
    3. Third CD: Skills for Differentiation and Negotiation: Cooperating in Creating Change.
    4. Fourth CD: Managing values conflicts that don’t resolve; and the Non-Negotiable Stand.
  • Complete questions for “Putting It Into Action” at the end of each chapter in Aiming Your Mind and submit by email. You will receive feedback by email.
  • View DVD: What is Conscious Communication? Produce and submit an audio tape** of you and another person role playing an interaction that models active listening, I-Message, Reverse I-Message, negotiation of tangible consequences, and exploration of a values conflict with negotiation. You will receive feedback by email.
  • View DVD: What Do You Say When You Don’t Agree? Produce and submit an audio tape of you role playing an interaction employing the skills listed on the accompanying handout for standing your ground without taking ground from the other. (also available in audio)
  • Participate in three monthly teleconference calls for frequently asked questions and application of the skills in personal situations.
  • Two hours of personal mentoring by Sandra Boston . This can be by phone or in person by appointment.

COST: $275.00

** A convenient way to share these audio reports is to use the free website You and your buddy are able to set up a call, do your role plays on the phone, and send me the reference number. I am able to go to the recorded call, listen to your role plays, take notes, and then hold a 3-way call with the two of you reviewing my comments and suggestions for how to improve your skills.